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Technological equipment

  • Flame cutting machine MGM with the possibility of cutting metal sheets –the dimensions of 3 m x 12 m and a thickness of up to 200 mm; programming „SAPS for W“
  • Plasma cutting machine PIERCE RUM 3000 with the possibility of cutting metal sheets – the dimensions of 2, 5 m x 12 m and a thickness of up to 2 ÷ 30 mm; programming „LANTEK“
  • Welding semi-automatic machines ALFA-IN 500A 10 pieces
  • Five workplaces with welding positioners for parts weighing up to 2 tonnes
  • Horizontal straightening press with pressure of 80 tonnes
  • Classic drilling machines VR6, VR4, VR2
  • Milling machine FA3V
  • Lathe SV 18
  • Painting and wet painting preparatory cabin for the dimensions of 5 x 5 x 27 m, the hanging system up to the part 2 tonnes and curing of paint for temperatures up to 60 ° c
  • Continuous blasting machine with the passage of 1 x 0.6 x 12 m. Blasting medium-sharp abrasive
  • Handling machines with the load capacity of 7 tonnes
  • CNC lathes LYNX 200 and PUMA by TECHNOTRADE with automatic material feeding, a CNC nonius, an adjustable spindle and direct and angular milling
  • Vertical machining centre MCFV 1680, travel in axes X=2000mm, Y=1600mm, Z=800mm

Investment expansion of technological equipment

  • Construction of robotized welding workplace for rugged structures and components of construction and earthmoving machinery with the dimensions: L= 3m, W= 2m, H= 1,5m
  • CNC press brake of the length of min. 4m, using the forming force 200 tonnes
  • CNC horizontal machining centre with the travel in axes: X=3000mm, Y=2000mm, Z=2000mm